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The Jasper School District is proud to announce:
Each year, the Office for Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas creates a report entitled the Outstanding Educational Performance Awards highlighting the highest-performing schools and those that have made great progress in Arkansas.
We are pleased to announce that schools in the Jasper School District have received an award. Based on the results of the 2014-15 P ARCC and Arkansas science assessments, performance is measured by the OEP-created "school GPA." High Achieving" Awards are given to schools with the highest GPA, and "Beating the Odds" awards are given to high-achieving schools that serve low-income communities where at least 66% of students are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program. "Most Improved" awards were only given for science and highlighted the schools that showed the greatest gain from one year to the next. To learn more about how we determined the OEP award winners and to see the full list of award recipients, you can view the reports at our website, officeforeducationpolicy.org. We congratulate you on this accomplishment and hope that you will share this good news with teachers, students, and any others who contributed to your school's success. Congratulations again on your OEP award!
Gary W. Ritter, Ph.D., Faculty Director
Sarah McKenzie, Ph.D., Executive Director
Office for Education Policy
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 On October 6, 2016 the Jasper School District will be adding the following to our messaging system. 

Parents and Guardians

You can take advantage of our Text Messaging Service

 Our school utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver text messages, straight to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more.

 Please read the PDF below for more information.

English PDF

Spanish PDF




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Area schools among top in state.  Click here to read more.



We're proud to have a school-based health center in our district! To learn more about our SBHC visit this page on our district sitehttp://jasper.k12.ar.us/upages.php?id=93
See what School-Based Health Care is all about here:


Jasper District Superintendent

 Jeff Cantrell